Artisteer 3 FULL KEYGEN

Bagi para BLOGGER yang lagi cari template buat BLOGnya, gak usah bingung-bingung, ARTISTEER solusinya. Kamu dapat membuat design template sendiri. Bukan hanya BLOG, web lainnya seperti, Wordpress dan Joomla.


  • Fixed most crashes reported for Artisteer 3.0 Beta 2
  • Fixed duplicating of “&” after using the “HTML…” dialog
  • Resolved synchronization issues
  • Fixed issues with non-working option 'Hide/Show article title'
  • Fixed a crash when entering badly formatted HTML into Footer
  • Fixed an issue with rounded corners (radius) not working properly
  • Resolved product activation and project saving issues
  • Resolved a crash when inserting large custom images (e.g. 3000x2000)
  • Headline and Slogan font styles no longer inherit styles from H1 and H2 font styles
  • IE6: resolved an issue with collapsing sidebars
  • Flash: fixed occasional crashes when inserting custom image/flash video
  • Flash: fixed an issue with repeating custom Flash videos
  • Added a new option: File -> Options -> “Highlight sections on mouse hover"
  • Drupal 7: added support for installing Themes from Admin area using “Install new module”
  • CodeCharge: fixed an issue with menus not pulling down


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